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Rector Transition

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Sunday, June 2nd, 2024:

A little over a year ago, we set out on a journey together to find our next rector. With God at the center, we approached this journey with hope, love, and trust in His plan. We hired a consultant, formed a prayer circle, a parish profile committee, and a search committee, and worked to align with God's will for St. Alban's. We are deeply grateful for the patience, support, and trust shown by all of you throughout this past year. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to Father Tim Gavin for helping us continue to thrive, live into our mission statement, and grow in our faith as individuals and as a community.

Our search committee, guided by our parish profile, diligently sought a rector who embodies a welcoming and open spirit, cares for the community and neighbors, embraces change for growth, maintains stability, builds consensus, and leads with heart. They met for countless hours, following a disciplined and comprehensive process that was prayerful, thoughtful, and open. Their exceptional work led them to an ideal candidate, who they enthusiastically recommended with one accord to the Vestry. Following a meeting with the candidate, the Vestry voted unanimously to offer the position to our next rector.

With immense gratitude and enthusiasm, I am pleased to announce that the Reverend Kenneth Katona has been called to serve as our sixth rector. Rev. Katona embodies the qualities we sought and closely aligns with our parish profile. His inspiring sermons, passion for church history, and vision for building the kingdom of God in the 21st century make him an ideal fit for our community.

Rev. Katona, along with his wife, Theresa, and their five-year-old son, Leonardo, will be settling into the rectory towards the end of August, and Fr. Kenn will officially be our rector on September 1st. We will be welcoming him and his family with a barbecue on Saturday, August 24th. I hope you all will join us in welcoming him and his family into our St. Alban's community.

Yours faithfully,
Laurie Bragg, Rector's Warden 

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