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Matthew Dayton-Welch

Rector, St. Alban's Episcopal Church

The Rev. Canon Matthew Dayton-Welch has served as rector of St. Alban’s since July 2017.  He previously served as associate rector at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Radnor and as deacon at Christ Church in Short Hills, New Jersey. 

The Rev. Canon 

Fr. Matt recognizes that getting to church isn’t always easy, and he thinks Sunday morning should be worth your time.  Quality worship and music are a priority, and good preaching—focused on the Scriptures and their influence on our lives—is a must. He loves the traditions of the church and thinks they resonate well with the world today.


Originally from Oklahoma, Fr. Matt has extensive experience in the Middle East, having received his calling to ordained ministry while serving at the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem, where he worked closely with Jewish, Christian, and Islamic leaders and human rights advocates, and where he served as a guide for many visiting American congressional delegations.  

Presently he is the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania's Canon for the Holy Land, organizing the covenant relationship between this diocese and the Diocese of Jerusalem through pilgrimage, study programs and common prayer, and fundraising.  He is a trustee of the Spafford Children's Center in the Old City of Jerusalem, which provides trauma therapy and tutoring for disenfranchised children and empowerment programs for women, and he leads its American fundraising project.  He is an officer of the board of trustees for the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem.


Fr. Matt is a proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation.  He lives in Newtown Square with his husband, Paul, and their dogs Barnabas, Juniper, and Ambrose. 


Fr. Matt can be reached at




The Rev. Tim Gavin

Adjunct Associate Rector 

Fr. Tim is the head chaplain at the Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square.  He brings a passion for church growth and quality preaching, and his ministry in northern Haiti is a constant source of inspiration.

He can be reached at

The Rev. Bert Zug

Adjunct Associate Rector 

Fr. Bert is the recently-retired middle school chaplain at the Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square. Fr. Bert has had a relationship with St. Alban’s for decades, having been ordained to the priesthood here and serving as curate.  He brings a warm sense of humor and a passion for youth ministry. 

He can be reached at

Mrs. Kelly Bretz

Parish Administrator

A former school teacher, Kelly manages our busy parish with grace and attention to detail. She’s in the office Monday through Thursday.

She can be reached at:

Mr. Arthur Kalemkarian

Music Director

He plays our spectacular organ with gusto and heart, and together with our choir, makes Sunday morning meaningful and stirring. 

Mr. Gideon Morgan

Children & Youth Minister

A neuroscience student at Temple University, Gideon has children and youth ministry in his muscle memory, having been deeply engaged in the church his whole life, and he brings warmth and deep faith to our children.

Mr. Bill Mullen 


He helps keep the lights on.

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