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Unlike many churches, St. Alban’s doesn’t have a property staff; we’d prefer to take that work on ourselves (and save that money for ministry!). We’ve learned that maintaining our church is both holy and rewarding. We’re making it inviting with each project completed, and we are honoring God, whose presence we constantly feel here.


If you would like to help us raise your hand, email, or ask someone. There are always projects to share in. Got a new leaf blower and eager to test it out? Man, do we have some leaves for you!

How’s your gardening skills? Claim a flower bed for yourself in the spring and make its care an act of spiritual devotion.

No matter what skill you bring to our work, your skills will be valued. Bring what you have in your garage or rummage through our shed. You’ll be amazed at how good it makes you feel.

To volunteer, email our parish administrator at

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